Custom Engraving

Do you have dreams about ducks and want a large sign for your door telling the dream ducks to duck off? Are you a business owner who wants to expand their marketing with custom logo wear? Or maybe you just want to put your name on your favorite water bottle so that a**hat from HR doesn't steal it.

Whatever the case we're here to make your vision a reality. Drop us message and we'll work together to come up with something you'll love. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What items can be engraved/laser cut?

For a variety of reasons not all materials are suitable for laser cutting or engraving. Some materials like PVC and vinyl release very toxic gas; while other materials are simply not practical to run through the laser even though it is safe to do so.

Very broadly we are able to engrave:

  • Wood
  • Coated and bare metal
  • Low and Medium density stone
  • Acrylic and some plastics

Do I need to provide my own design/artwork?

We are here to work with you at whatever stage of the ideation process we find you in. If you just have a brilliant idea and a stick figure on a napkin then we can fill in the gaps with laser/print ready artwork. On the other hand if you have artwork already prepared and in a print ready format then we are happy to use that.

Do I need to provide my own engraving blanks?

Either we can provide the item(s) that will be engraved; or if you're feeling ambitious you can run out to your local amazon and secure your own materials. That being said please talk to us first. Not all superficially identical things are actually the same and we reserve the right to refuse outside materials.

Are you able to reproduce photos?

Most certainly. We are able to laser mark photos in black & white, on a variety of materials. Acrylic and coated or painted metal tends to produce the best results.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

We do not enforce a minimum quantity. For individuals we believe doing something cool like getting your name marked on a spoon should be accessible without having to order 50 spoons. For businesses we understand that there are some instances where things need to be ordered on demand rather than batched.

That being said some projects may benefit from a bulk discount, depending on quantity.

Tell me about the money stuff?

Every project is a little different but generally fees fall into 3 categories: Design, Materials, Production.

Additionally, every new project will incur a set-up fee. This fee is only charged once through the life of the design and varies between $5 and $50 depending on the complexity of the project.

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